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Top 5 Key concerns in secondary education

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The key concerns in secondary education are:

  1. Teacher workload and retention: Similar to primary education, teachers in secondary schools are facing high workload demands, leading to stress and burnout, and many are leaving the profession.
  1. Funding: Secondary schools are also facing funding cuts, leading to a lack of resources and staff, and impacting the quality of education for students.
  1. Curriculum and testing: Secondary schools are under pressure to adhere to a highly prescribed and rigorous curriculum, with a focus on testing and assessment, which can limit creativity and innovation in the classroom.
  1. Inclusion and diversity: With increasing diversity in classrooms, secondary schools are facing challenges in meeting the needs of all students, including those with special needs and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  1. Mental health and wellbeing: Secondary school students are also facing increasing levels of stress and anxiety, and there is a need for better support for mental health and wellbeing in schools. Additionally, there is a need for better career guidance and support for students as they transition to further education or the workforce.