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Kindness and Respect Leads the Way

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Respect & Kindness

Teenagers are often portrayed as being selfish individuals, who willingly accept our immediacy of our consumer society and are often described as ‘Expecting to have everything and not giving anything in return. They are often relentlessly bombarded with images of so called ‘successful ‘ people coming from a range of sources from TV to Social media, yet how many times is the words kindness and respect used to measure success?

Our Secondary Schools are the perfect place to build respect for one another, not only as a means towards a more respectful society, but also as a cure to some of the mixed messages that our young adults pick up. Only too often, teenagers miss out on the wonderful feeling experienced  when human beings cooperate and show kindness then as we become healthier, happier and really successful.

We have all heard about the students who are experiencing higher levels of stress, and it won’t take too much imagination to realize that possibly some of this same stress could be being passed down from their teacher.

We need to teach students that being kind actually helps our blood pressures and our body release feel-good hormones called pheromones. So everybody in our secondary schools needs to look after everybody else and we can do that in so many simple ways.  Try paying each other compliments, make our colleagues a cup of tea, ask about the welfare of someone in their family or just pay a general interest in their lives.  I recently attended a twilight INSET and the focus was on giving and receiving compliments.

So the message here is for all of us, not just teenagers.  If we all have a little more care and concern for everyone in our society, automatically our communities are less stressful places.

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Mark Ownsworth