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Individual attention develops better learning

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Personal Home Tuition in Stockport

Cheshire Tutors  began in 2002 and has grown to become the first choice for home personal tuition in Stockport.


With an established reputation for student development, proven results and a personable approach, Cheshire tutors is a small but unique network comprising of the very best tutors around.


Our success in home personal tuition is founded upon our methodology of teaching and our positive approach to the different ways that students learn. This is why we have frequent personal  recommendations from the many satisfied parents and students we have the pleasure to have worked with over the years.


We take our commitment seriously by matching our clients learning needs with the very best BDS checked professional educators who are adaptable in their approach.



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- Julian Fray, Hyde

As a primary school teacher who has taught for over 14 years, I find tutoring on a 1-2-1 basis delivers the best results for students.


I can plan and teach according to their needs rather that than the needs of the class.

The Learning Journey

The steps we take along the way

Identify Learning Needs

Our tutors take into account any special requirements our students need and cater for them throughout the lessons

Establishing a Relationship

Our tutors use positive and encouraging communication to discuss student topics.  We show a interest and care about our students.

Applied Teaching

Our teaching method depends on how we need to cater for the students needs, using formal and informal methods of teaching.

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Prepare a Learning Plan

Looking at the topics that need to be understood, how they will be developed, ensuring understanding and knowledge.

The Learning Environment

Creating a fun and interesting learning environment to encourage positive interactions with students.


Using Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely goals means that we have a target to aim for.

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'The First Choice' for personal tuition in Stockport!

Cheshire Tutors

'The First Choice' for

home tuition in Stockport!

Cheshire Tutors

Cheshire Tutors

Stockport’s personal home tutors for kids aged 5 to 16, covering Math’s Tuition, English Tuition, SATS, Grammar School Entrance exams and GCSE tuition.

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